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New short film ‘I Am Able’ redefines our view of disability

9-minute documentary I Am Able follows athlete Ben Pritchard several months after a cycling accident left him without the use of his legs.

Rather than focusing on the negatives of disability, it shows - through Ben’s will and determination - how a life-altering incident doesn’t need to stop you achieving your dreams. The film provides a motivational, positive outlook not just for disabled people, but for any one of us facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge.

In doing so, the film explores what it means to be an athlete - and how an athlete’s true strength lies in the power of the mind.

Filmmakers Morgane Bigault and Ed Thomas first met Ben Pritchard in late 2017, and decided to make a documentary about his journey. They quickly understood how his mental outlook makes him a role model for all of us, and decided to keep the film’s focus as a portrait of Ben during this significant period of his life. By blending narrative filmmaking techniques with the documentary format, they bring a gripping tension to the piece.

Taking an unusual approach to the structure and format, the filmmakers hope that audiences will not only enjoy watching Ben’s unique story, but have their view of disability challenged, and take away the film’s uplifting message that ultimately, the way we think can shape our world.

Directed, produced, filmed and edited by:
Morgane Bigault and Ed Thomas

Music and sound design:
Echoic Audio

Running time: 9 min
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2018
Language: English
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Format: 1920x1080 24fps, stereo
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